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Our Service

Capital Medica provides a wide variety of medical-related service solutions, developed from its experience in supporting numerous healthcare providers.

The costs for hiring their own staff in each administrative and management position are high. By outsourcing administrative and management functions to us, each healthcare provider will be able to have its medical staff dedicate its time in performing medical services and assistance.

International Business

Capital Medica will support Asian healthcare providers by taking advantage of its deep experience in developing “the right medical and nursing home environment”.
We have already started business development in Asian countries, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore, where Japanese medical and nursing home know-how is in demand.

Export Japanese hospital management and operational knowledge

Under universal national health insurance system, we believe that low cost – high efficient operation and high average medical service level are characteristics and strengths of Japanese healthcare because cap on medical treatment price force hospitals to severely control the cost while achieving high service level.
We export our know-how that meets their demands to countries with insufficient medical facilities to achieve both cost-efficient and high-quality medical services.

Export Japanese nursing home management know-how

Even in Asian countries that enjoy quality medical facilities, such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan, development of nursing homes seem to relatively require more attention. Since Japan is a super aging society, it has been a first-mover in this space and the accumulated know-how could benefit many Asian countries.

Meeting the needs of foreign nationals receiving medical treatments and inspections in Japan

Develop Medical Tourism in Japan

We arrange medical examinations and treatments in Japan for foreign nationals.
We are experienced in introducing the rights Japanese healthcare provider and providing necessary support in obtaining medical visas to patients from Asian countries, covering a variety of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and orthopedic disease.

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