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Realize what it should be.

President,CEO Jun Furukawa

We strongly believe that right healthcare provider is able to operate its business continuously, in order to contribute to the local community.

However, many healthcare providers today face management issues, jeopardizing their capabilities of continuing their businesses.
Capital Medica’s purpose and responsibility are to improve the healthcare provider operations so that doctors and nurses dedicate their time in providing medical services, resulting in patients receiving the medical care they deserve.

Capital Medica will strive to meet its stakeholder expectations by innovating the healthcare industry via its unique approach of not only developing but executing on and sharing the risk in each healthcare provider strategy.

President,CEO Jun Furukawa

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Capital Medica Co., Ltd.
February, 2005
1-2-3, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Google Map
1,355.5 Million Yen (as of Jan.2016)
Management Executive
President,CEO Jun Furukawa
Director,COO Yoshikazu Nishimura
Outside Director Iwao Aso
Auditor Kyouichi Nanye
Shuji Sutoh
Corporate Officer Kentaro Nakamura
Naoki Yamane
Masahiko Yokoyama
Kazuyuki Yamada
Takeshi Aoki
Koji Kuwano
Yusuke Shirouzu
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