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Aging Japan

Japan’s elderly population (over 65 years old) is more than 32million (as of Sep-2014) which is equivalent to 26% of Japan’s overall population. This aging ratio is estimated to hit 30% within next decade and will reach to 40% in 2060.
Japan has been facing many challenges to create ideal environment for aging society since late 1980s when the aging ratio has exceeded 10%. Japan is now the front runner of super aging society in the world.

Due to rapid growing elderly population and increase in health expenditure, it is creating a flow of elderly patients between medical care and elderly care as following.

Relationship between medical and elderly care service

Relationship between medical and elderly care service
What we can offer for Elderly Care business

Capital Medica is an operator of elderly care nursing homes in Japan. We operate various types of nursing home from luxurious high-end facility to rehab medical nursing home as an extent to medical service and to meet the needs of elderly people and aging society.

Flow of Elderly care patient

Flow of Elderly care patient
From our broad experience and expertise, Capital Medica is capable in providing following services for elderly care business.

-Marketing and business concept
-Support in planning and designing facilities
-Arrangements of various medical devices and equipment needed for the facility
-Various operation manuals such as:
 ▶Revitalization care
 ▶Dementia care
 ▶Toileting assistance
 ▶Infection prevention and control
 ▶Palliative care
 ▶Hospitality Service

-Operation improvement and development
-Send professional instructors from Japan to train facility management and staff
-Arrange training programs in Japan for facility management and staff at Capital Medica group facilities
-Financial assistance (including investment)

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